Treatment options for stuttering priapism
ISSM University, Arthur Burnett II, 208294
ISSM University, Peter Chan, 227527
Diagnosis of Male Infertility
ISSM University, Suks-Sukhbinder Minhas, 227528
Translational pharmacotherapy
ISSM University, Michael DiSanto, 227501
Best of JSM 2017
ISSM University, Andrea Salonia, 208293
Tissue engineering in sexual medicine & urology
ISSM University, Ryan Terlecki, 227500
Best of JSM 2017
ISSM University, John P. Mulhall, 208292
Stem cell research
ISSM University, Fabio Castiglione, 227493
Best of JSM 2017
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 208291
Animal models
ISSM University, Johanna Hannan, 227457
Vulvoscopy Workshop
ISSM University, Leen Aerts, 227529
Vulvoscopy Course - Relevant Anatomy
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 227530
Chronic diseases
ISSM University, Woet Gianotten, 208498
The complex interplay between sexual dysfunction and infertility
ISSM University, Laith Alzweri, 227541
Infertility is the mirror of general health
ISSM University, Andrea Salonia, 227537
Attachment and sexual functioning
ISSM University, Marieke Dewitte, 227458
Endocrine disruptors and male infertility
ISSM University, Christian Fuglesang Jensen, 227533
Genito pelvic pain / penetration disorders
ISSM University, Johannes Bitzer, 208497
Intimately connected: The importance of partner responsiveness for experiencing sexual desire
ISSM University, Christian Nelson, 227472
Pharmacological treatement of women’s sexual problems
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 227520
Medical treatment of female sexual dysfunction - Indications and limitations
ISSM University, Gideon Sartorius, 227521
Genetic factors
ISSM University, Dana Ohl, 227534
TRT for the improvement of metabolism
ISSM University, Geoff Hackett, 227503
Dyadic associations in perceived sexual desire between partners in established relationships
ISSM University, Stanley Althof, 227464
TRT for the treatment of sexual symptoms
ISSM University, Giovanni Corona, 227504
Predictors of sexual distress in women with desire and arousal difficulties: Distinguishing between biologic and psychologic issues
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 227489
Update of CV and prostate risks by TRT
ISSM University, Amy Guise, 227505
Oral and systemic therapy in the acute phase: What's the evidence?
ISSM University, Faysal Yafi, 208496
Medical implications of hypogonadism
ISSM University, Martin Miner, 227481
The role of psychological and relational dimensions in sexual functioning
ISSM University, Ana Luísa Quinta Gomes, 227499
ISSM University, Woet Gianotten, Michal Lew-Starowicz, 227514
Gender-affirming endocrine care of transgender people
ISSM University, Guy T Sjoen, 208495
Overactive pelvic floor and its complaints
ISSM University, Petra Voorham-van der Zalm, 208290
Peyronie and Penile Disorders
ISSM University, Mikkel Fode, 208494
ESWT: protocols, devices, tips and tricks
ISSM University, Dimitrios Hatzichristou, Yoram Vardi, 227517
Reflections on 40 years of modern sexual medicine
ISSM University, Hartmut Porst, 208288
Management of infertile men with testicular cancer: OncoTESE?
ISSM University, Edward Kim, 227480
Fertility preservation in male cancer patients
ISSM University, Christian Fuglesang Jensen, 227469
ESSM Award of Excellence
ISSM University, Ege Can Serefoglu, 208287
Ejaculatory Dysfunction
ISSM University, Arie PARNHAM, 208493
Prepubertal fertility preservation
ISSM University, Jens Sonksen, 227490
ISSM University, Alessandra Fisher, Timo Nieder, 227516
Options for reconstructive surgery for male urinary incontinence
ISSM University, Brian Christine, 227483
Social media for the sexual medicine practicioner 2.0
ISSM University, Don S. Dizon, 208286
Being non-binary trans in Europe: Treatment experiences and requests
ISSM University, Joz Motmans, 208492
Workup and surgical management of Peyronie's Disease
ISSM University, Georgios Hatzichristodoulou, 227510
10 points for prosthetic excellence
ISSM University, Paul Perito, 227453
Gender-affirming endocrine care of transgender people
ISSM University, Guy T Sjoen, 208285
Vulvoscopy + female clinical investigation
ISSM University, Leen Aerts, 226644
IPP surgery - Does speed kill?
ISSM University, Juan Ignacio Martínez-Salamanca, 227474
Should compulsive sexual behavior be considered an addiction?
ISSM University, Paula Hall, 208284
Cosmetic urology
ISSM University, Rafael Carrion, 227461
The neurobiology of sexual function
ISSM University, James Pfaus, 208283
Vulvoscopy + female clinical investigation
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 208491
Urethroplasty and implications on sexual dysfunction
ISSM University, Premsant Sangkum, 227506
The effect of infertility and infertility treatments on sex life and the couple
ISSM University, Francesca Tripodi, 227497
Daily diary and experienced sampling methods
ISSM University, Kevan Wylie, 227532
Is there a role of sexual education in the infertile couple?
ISSM University, Eline Dancet, 227476
Psychophysiological measures
ISSM University, Pedro Nobre, 227539
Family planning and the effects on sexuality
ISSM University, Gideon Sartorius, 227468
Measuring sexual response in animal models
ISSM University, James Pfaus, 227538
Education in sexual medicine
ISSM University, Yacov Reisman, Alan Shindel, 227511
Implicit measures
ISSM University, Charmaine Borg, 227536
Penile transplantation
ISSM University, Andre Van Der Merwe, 208282
Debate on topical therapy: Local anesthetics and coated condoms are a valuable asset in the treatment of lifelong PE
ISSM University, Michael Butcher, 227463
What are the educational requirements for physicians to better manage female sexual dysfunction
ISSM University, Sharon J. Parish, 227509
Combination Therapies in Male Sexual Dysfunction: Treatment of Severe ED and PE Patients
ISSM University, Hartmut Porst, 227518
Combination Therapies in MSD (ED and EjD) Which May Fit For Whom?
ISSM University, Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, 227519
HPV: a preventable cause of cancer
ISSM University, Ira Sharlip, 208281
IUGA Lecture: Physiotherapy for Sexual pain disorders in women
ISSM University, Bary Berghmans, 227478
HIV pre- and post exposure prophylaxis: who, what, when?
ISSM University, Shalini Andrews, 208280
Psychological aspects of ED
ISSM University, Evie Kirana, 208490
A deeper insight in lifelong PE - The epidemiology of subjective PE
ISSM University, Ege Can Serefoglu, 227455
Hormonal and non-hormonal pharmacological strategies to manage orgasm dysfunction, post-orgasmic illness and orgasmic anhedonia
ISSM University, Johannes Bitzer, 227471
Are risk groups evolving? Who should be screened in 2018?
ISSM University, Alan Shindel, 208279
Easy to implement evidence-based strategies for the assessment and treatment of female hypoactive sexual desire disorder
ISSM University, Sue Goldstein, 227465
From a treatment perspective, should we separate the different types of female sexual dysfunction?
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 227470
Managing female sexual pain in the practical setting; what makes a treatment plan succesful?
ISSM University, Marieke Dewitte, 208489
Paraphilic disorders
ISSM University, Peer Briken, 208488
ISSM University, Peer Briken, 208499
Neurobiological basis of hypersexuality
ISSM University, James Pfaus, 227482
Non-binary and genderqueer genders
ISSM University, Timo Nieder, 208487
Emotional dysregulation and hypersexuality – Clinical implications
ISSM University, Mohammad Shamsul Ahsan, 227466
Sex design: What the practitioner needs to know about female genital aesthetic interventions and vaginal rejuvenation
ISSM University, Michael Krychman, 227525
Laser Therapy for Female Genital Indications
ISSM University, Lior Lowenstein, 227526
Is high sexual desire a risk for women's relationship and sexual well-being?
ISSM University, Chiara Simonelli, 227475
Sexual addiction and its relation to forensic psychiatry
ISSM University, Peer Briken, 227492
HSDD Consensus
ISSM University, Anita Clayton, 208486
Step care approach for managing premature ejaculation
ISSM University, Evie Kirana, Ege Can Serefoglu, 227512
Testosterone treatment, indications and safety
ISSM University, Mario Maggi, 208277
Female arousal and desire disorder / Female orgasmic disorder
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 208485
The new algorithm for the treatment of Peyronie's Disease
ISSM University, Eric Chung, 208276
Total phallic reconstruction
ISSM University, David Ralph, 208275
Testosterone update 2018
ISSM University, Abraham Morgentaler, 227496
Prostate cancer survivorship: Consensus statement and clinical practice recommendations on sexual health, function and rehabilitation
ISSM University, Eric Chung, 227491
How to revise a paper
ISSM University, Andrea Salonia, 227535
Reviewing a scientific manuscript, with examples
ISSM University, John P. Mulhall, 227540
The manuscript submission process
ISSM University, Sue Goldstein, 227542
Common statistical errors
ISSM University, Christian Nelson, 227531
Writing a review paper
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 227547

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