Writing a scientific paper
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 227548
Understanding the open access policy of Sexual Medicine
ISSM University, Kwangsung Park, 227543
Update SM
ISSM University, Kwangsung Park, 227545
Update SMR
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 227546
Update JSM
ISSM University, John P. Mulhall, 227544
Top Overall Abstracts of Meeting
ISSM University, Session Speakers, 205134
Efficacy and Safety of Ixekizumab in a Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 3b Clinical Trial in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Genital Psoriasis
ISSM University, Alison Potts Bleakman, 204643
Description of a Patient Reported Outcome approved by FDA for use in Phase III studies in Premature Ejaculation
ISSM University, Mike Wyllie, 204644
Moderated poster session: Erectile Dysfunction
ISSM University, Session Speakers, 205135
Chinese Sexual Habit: An Internet Based Large Data Study
ISSM University, Haocheng Lin, 203947
Unwinding Fibrosis in Peyronie's Disease
ISSM University, Alexander Pastuszak, 203948
Herbal Therapies in Sexual Medicine - Is there a role?
ISSM University, Joshua Gonzalez, 203949
Basic Science
ISSM University, Michael Adams, 203950
Clinical Implications
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 203951
Surgical Frailty and Prosthetic Health
ISSM University, Jay Simhan, 203952
Impact of Comorbid Disease Management and Medication Reduction on Sexual Function
ISSM University, William Brant, 203953
Seminal Dysbiosis is Associated with Low Seminal Quality in Varicocele Patients
ISSM University, Xiaodong Jin, 203954
ISSM Update
ISSM University, Luca Incrocci, 203955
Next Generation Therapies for Erectile Dysfunction: Chemokine Based Therapeutics
ISSM University, Trinity Bivalacqua, 203956
A Practical Guide on Office-based, Sexual Function Preserving BPH Therapies
ISSM University, Rafael Carrion, 203957
Autologous Dermal Grafting for Peyronie's Disease and Pelvic Organ Prolapse
ISSM University, Koichi Nagao, 203958
Female Sexual Dysfunction: Asian Perspectives
ISSM University, Kwangsung Park, 203959
The Top 5 (Surgical) Things I Wish I Would Have Known Earlier in My Career - Tips and Tricks, Disasters, and Lessons Learned: Peyronie's Disease Surgery
ISSM University, Tom Lue, 203963
A “How-to Video Guide” for Novel Surgical Approaches: Office Based Andrologic Procedures
ISSM University, Landon Trost, 203964
A “How-to Video Guide” for Novel Surgical Approaches: Impending Erosion
ISSM University, Steven Wilson, 203965
Updates in Female Sexual Function - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017 on Diagnosis and Non-medical Management
ISSM University, Sharon J. Parish, 203966
Updates in Medical Management of ED - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017
ISSM University, Faysal Yafi, 203967
Management of Penile Prosthesis Complications
ISSM University, Dr. Carlo Bettocchi, 203968
Surgical Management Algorithm in Complex Peyronie´s Disease Cases
ISSM University, Juan Ignacio Martínez-Salamanca, 203969
Significance of Penile Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)  in the Treatment of Difficult Cases in Sexual Medicine
ISSM University, Hartmut Porst, 203970
ISSM Lecture - First Things First: The Importance of Obtaining a Correct Diagnosis - How Important is It?
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 203971
Debate - Psychosexual Counseling is Mandatory in Treating HSDD - Con
ISSM University, Stanley Althof, 203972
Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy: Current Evidence and Future Outlook
ISSM University, Ranjith Ramasamy, 203973
Updates in Female Sexual Function - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017 on Medical Therapies
ISSM University, Rachel Rubin, 203974
Updates in Libido, Orgasm, Ejaculation, and Other Sexual Dysfunctions - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017
ISSM University, Alexander Pastuszak, 203975
Pain, Pain, Pain - What to do with Idiopathic Penile and Ejaculatory Pain
ISSM University, John P. Mulhall, 203979
Practical Algorithms for Medical Therapies in Contemporary Practice - Non-hormonal Agents
ISSM University, James Simon, 203980
Updates on Premature Ejaculation - Have we Made any Progress in Last 3 Years?
ISSM University, Alan Shindel, 203981
Moderated, Case-based Panel Discussion on Difficult to Treat Scenarios
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 203982
“The prosthesis works great... but it didn't fix my nocturia” - Improving Communication Skills in a Sexual Medicine Practice
ISSM University, Bruce Kava, 203983
Serendipity: The True Story of How Sildenafil Was Discovered
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 203984
Evidence for and against - Lifestyle Management Should be First Line Therapy for ED - Evidence For
ISSM University, Gregory Broderick, 203985
Evidence for and against - Lifestyle Management Should be First Line Therapy for ED - Evidence Against
ISSM University, Gerald Brock, 203986
Snake Oil or Next Big Thing? -Platelet-rich Plasma
ISSM University, Gregory Broderick, 203987
Snake Oil or Next Big Thing? -Stem Cells
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 203988
Snake Oil or Next Big Thing?- Fat Transfer
ISSM University, Nelson Bennett, 203989
Snake Oil or Next Big Thing? -Regulator Environment Comment
ISSM University, Trinity Bivalacqua, 203990
Panelist Discussion and Audience Questions
ISSM University, John P. Mulhall, 203991
Communication Skills
ISSM University, Bruce Kava, 203995
Workup: Pychogenic / Organic / Associated Conditions (CVD/OSA)
ISSM University, William Brant, 203996
Penile Doppler: Tips / Tricks / Techniques
ISSM University, Landon Trost, 203997
Depression, Suicidality, Erectile Dysfunction, and 5ARIs
ISSM University, Culley Carson III, 203998
Debate: CCH Should be Considered First Line Therapy for PD - Con
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 203999
Managing Patient Malfunction with Penile Prosthesis - Trouble Shooting Indwelling Devices
ISSM University, Andrew Kramer, 204000
Psychogenic ED - Diagnosis and Management Strategies - Panel Discussion
ISSM University, Ronald Lewis, 204001
Billing / Coding
ISSM University, Edward Karpman, 204002
Diminished Libido, Depression, and Relationship Distress: What He's Really Trying to Tell You
ISSM University, Alan Shindel, 204003
Role of Adjunctive Therapies in PD: Vacuum and Traction Devices
ISSM University, Wayne Hellstrom, 204004
Diagnosis and Workup
ISSM University, Wayne Hellstrom, 204005
Common Methodological Errors and Statistical Interpretations: Can You Really Conclude That?
ISSM University, Ranjith Ramasamy, 204006
Testosterone and Cardiovascular Health: Friend or Foe? - T is Good for CV Health
ISSM University, Mohit Khera, 204007
Premature Ejaculation / Ejaculatory Dysfunction
ISSM University, Alan Shindel, 204011
Female Sexual Medicine
ISSM University, Rachel Rubin, 204012
PD, Androgens, and Other Male Sexual Dysfunction
ISSM University, George Abdelsayed, 204013
Impact of Shift Work on Men's Sexual and Reproductive Health
ISSM University, Alexander Pastuszak, 204014
Innate Immunity and Sexual Dysfunction
ISSM University, Clinton Webb, 204015
Starting a Clinical Practice: The Most Important Things I Have Learned Since Fellowship and Things I Wish I Had Known
ISSM University, Lawrence Jenkins, 204016
The Fffect of Kid' Return on Female Sexual Function during the Summer Holiday
ISSM University, Yan Zhang, 204017
Inflammation in Radiation Induced Sexual Dysfunction
ISSM University, Johanna Hannan, 204018
The Clinical Application of Cavernosometry and Cavernosography in Venous Erectile Dysfunction
ISSM University, Tao Song, 204019
How to Grow your Practice on Social Media
ISSM University, Jamin Brahmbhatt, 204020
Consecutive Nightly Recordings for the Accurate Monitoring of Nocturnal Erections, Is This Required?
ISSM University, Yan Zhang, 204021
Innovation in Sexual Dysfunction - Future Therapies
ISSM University, Justin La Favor, 204022
State of the Art: Highlighting Chinese Innovations in Sexual Medicine
ISSM University, Tao Jiang, 204023
Updates in BPH, Incontinence, and Reconstruction - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017
ISSM University, Seth Cohen, 204027
New Strategy of Prevention and Treatment Diabetic ED
ISSM University, Yutian Dai, 204028
M1 Macrophages Are Predominantly Recruited to the Major Pelvic Ganglion of the Rat Following Cavernous Nerve Injury
ISSM University, Hotaka Matsui, 204029
HIFU for Vaginal Tightening
ISSM University, Yuki Sekiguchi, 204030
Role of Daily Treatment of PDE5 Inhibitors of Non-responders to PDE5 Inhibitors
ISSM University, Jin Wook Kim, 204031
Ethical Dilemmas in Sexual Medicine: Sex Offenders and Other Scenarios
ISSM University, Helena Christine, 204032
A “How-to Video Guide” for Novel Surgical Approaches: Collage Fleece
ISSM University, Georgios Hatzichristodoulou, 204033
4th Annual Robert Krane Lecture - Basic Science Most Likely to Translate into Clinical Medicine in the Next 5 Years: When Can I Print a Penis
ISSM University, Johanna Hannan, 204034
Debate - Psychosexual Counseling is Mandatory in Treating HSDD - Pro
ISSM University, Jordan Rullo, 204035
Pornography: Data on Use & Misuse: Clinical Tools & Implications
ISSM University, Marty Klein, 204036
Flibanserin and Alcohol: Significant Interaction or Much Ado About Nothing
ISSM University, Leah Millheiser, 204037
How and Why CV Screening Should be Implemented into a Sexual Medicine Practice
ISSM University, Stephen Kopecky, 204038
Updates in ED Surgery - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017
ISSM University, Brian Le, 204039
Risks / Benefits Review (except cardiovascular / prostate cancer)
ISSM University, Bruce Redmon, 204043
Anti-Aging Controversies
ISSM University, Martin Miner, 204044
Updates in Sexual Mental Health - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017
ISSM University, Christian Nelson, 204045
Updates in PD - Most noteworthy literature from 2016-2017
ISSM University, Amy Guise, 204046
Debate: CCH Should be Considered First Line Therapy for PD - Pro
ISSM University, Martin Gelbard, 204047
Intracavernosal Injections - Tips, Tricks, Non-medical Options (VED), Meds, Compounding, Oral Failures, ICI
ISSM University, Tobias Kohler, 204048
Updates in Androgens - Most Noteworthy Literature from 2016-2017
ISSM University, Kelly Chiles, 204049
Medical Treatment—Practical Tips/Tricks for Getting Best Outcomes Possible with an Interlesional Injection Program
ISSM University, Martin Gelbard, 204050
Debate: Clomiphene Citrate Should be 1st Line for TDS - Pro
ISSM University, Andrew McCullough, 204051
Debate: Clomiphene Citrate Should be 1st Line for TDS - Con
ISSM University, Bruce Redmon, 204052
Basic Science
ISSM University, Justin La Favor, 204053
Erectile Dysfunction
ISSM University, Casey McCraw, 204054
Is Vasectomy Benign?
ISSM University, Joseph Alukal, 204055

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