Psychosexual therapy - Where are we now...
ISSM University, Leon Gindin, 120165
The medical causes and management of hypoactive sexual desire in men
ISSM University, Trinity Bivalacqua, 120167
Integration versus isolation in the delivery of sexual health
ISSM University, Kevan Wylie, 120163
ISSM University, Chris McMahon, 120162
The role of pharmacotherapy & surgery in the management of ED in 2014
ISSM University, John Mulhall, 120164
Delayed ejaculation/Anorgasmia
ISSM University, Emmanuele Jannini, 147466
Sexual consequences of STI's: Chicken or egg
ISSM University, Philip Kell, 147467
Infertility and sexuality: Effect on the couple
ISSM University, Lucia Alves S. Lara, 147468
The Art & Science of writing a good paper
ISSM University, John P. Mulhall, 147469
The Art of writing an attractive abstract
ISSM University, Alan Shindel, 147470
Dealing with sexuality in our patients with chronic disease & cancer
ISSM University, Woet Gianotten, 147471
Psychological Interventions for Premature Ejaculation
ISSM University, Stanley Althof, 147472
Basic sexual therapy for physicians. SIAD in women.
ISSM University, Kevan Wylie, 147473
Alternative management of hypogonadism: Tamoxifen
ISSM University, Emmanuele Jannini, 147474
Alternative management of hypogonadism: DHEA and other
ISSM University, Mario Maggi, 147475
Outcomes from surgical treatment of PD
ISSM University, Giulio Garaffa, 147476
Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CCH) for Peyronie's: An update
ISSM University, Wayne Hellstrom, 147477
Surgical treatment of PD - Indications and options
ISSM University, Laurence Levine, 147478
PD pharmacotherapy and traction therapy
ISSM University, Ronny Tan, 147479
Dementia and sexuality
ISSM University, Woet Gianotten, 147480
Sexuality for the elderly: issues and answers
ISSM University, Michael Krychman, 147481
Changes in sexual functioning and its association with relationship functioning in old age
ISSM University, Marita McCabe, 147482
Female cancer and sexual function
ISSM University, Luca Incrocci, 147483
Rehabilitation of sexual function after radical prostatectomy - What is the optimal clinical management?
ISSM University, Jens Sonksen, 147484
Body uneasiness in gender dysphoria
ISSM University, Giovanni Castellini, 147485
Sexual orientation and trans sexuality
ISSM University, Michael Krychman, 147486
The 6 key steps to trainee implant success
ISSM University, Gerald Brock, 147487
Managements of infectious and non-infectious complications of penile implants
ISSM University, Rafael Carrion, 147488
The 3 'p' of penile prosthesis surgery: priapism, Peyronie's disease and phalloplasy
ISSM University, Giulio Garaffa, 147489
Challenges in the sexual health interview
ISSM University, Sharon J. Parish, 147490
Assessing sexual status within the framework of the sexual tipping point model
ISSM University, Michael A. Perelman, 147491
Is there an increased CV risk in patients on TRT
ISSM University, Mario Maggi, 147492
Sexual issues in SCI women
ISSM University, Michal Lew-Starowicz, 147493
Nitric oxide in the penis: Scientific discoveries and clinical applications
ISSM University, Arthur Burnett II, 147494
Antidepressants and human sexual response
ISSM University, Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles, 147495
Antipsychotics and human sexual response
ISSM University, Michal Lew-Starowicz, 147496
Etiology and diagnosis of PE
ISSM University, Ege Can Serefoglu, 147497
Psychological treatment for PE
ISSM University, Stanley Althof, 147498
ISSM University, Chris McMahon, 147499
A step by step tutorial on PD surgery: Incision and grafting
ISSM University, Wayne Hellstrom, 147500
Review of surgical treatment of PD
ISSM University, Laurence Levine, 147501
The evolution of the concepts and treatment of female sexual dysfunctions
ISSM University, Carmita Abdo, 147502
New Pharma compounds for FSD / Central acting agents
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 147503
New Pharmacology compunts for FSD: Peripheral agents
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 147504
Laboratory diagnosis of testosterone deficiency
ISSM University, Jacques Buvat, 147505
Testosterone therapy and cardiovascular risks
ISSM University, Abraham Morgentaler, 147506
How to diagnose penile vascular disease by color duplex Doppler ultrasound (CDDU)
ISSM University, Chris McMahon, 147507
Intracavernosal injection therapy in the management of ED
ISSM University, Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, 147508
Jurassic Park in Latin America: the lost meetings
ISSM University, Edgardo F. Becher, 147509
The surgeon, the organizer and the scientist
ISSM University, Ronald Lewis, 147510
Contraception and sexual function
ISSM University, Susan Kellogg-Spadt, 147511
Menopause, Hormones and sexuality with focus on iatrogenic PM
ISSM University, Alessandra Graziottin, 147512
Menopausal Hormonal Therapy
ISSM University, Mariá Bertolino, 147513
Hypersexuality or Sexual addiction
ISSM University, Kevan Wylie, 147514
Post-Orgasmic illness syndrome
ISSM University, Chris McMahon, 147515
Permanent adverse effects after 5ARI treatment
ISSM University, Mohit Khera, 147516
Drug interventions for sexual problems; integrating sex therapy and pharmacotherapy
ISSM University, John Dean, 147517
Latrogenic sexual dysfunction - what non medical therapist should know
ISSM University, Yacov Reisman, 147518
Promoting sexual health among gay and lesbian Individuals: Treatment considerations
ISSM University, Eli Coleman, 147519
Assessment and sexual concerns of gay men and lesbian women in a sexual medicine setting
ISSM University, John Dean, 147520
Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in gay men and lesbian women
ISSM University, Alan Shindel, 147521
Salvage management of prolonged ischemic Priapism
ISSM University, Fernando Facio, 147522
Saving the cavernous spaces after infection
ISSM University, Rafael Carrion, 147523
Penile prosthetis implantation after Priapism
ISSM University, Arthur Burnett II, 147524
Alternative reservoir placement
ISSM University, Cecil Crigler, 147525
Finding the space in scarred tissue
ISSM University, Steven Wilson, 147526
Sexual side aspects of incontinence - suburethral sling surgery - in women
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 147527
Sexual health and fecal incontinence
ISSM University, Susan Kellogg-Spadt, 147528
Stress urinary incontinence & Sexual function
ISSM University, Lior Lowenstein, 147529
Paraphilias: New concepts, classification and treatment options
ISSM University, Eli Coleman, 147530
Why offer testosterone therapy after treatment of prostate cancer?
ISSM University, Abraham Morgentaler, 147531
When we should start TRT after a radical prostatectomy
ISSM University, Andrea Salonia, 147532
Testosterone and Radiotherapy for prostate cancer
ISSM University, Luca Incrocci, 147533
How do I control (monitor) patients receiving TRT after prostate cancer treatment
ISSM University, Anthony J. Bella, 147534
Is TRT safe to the prostate health?
ISSM University, Luiz Otavio Torres, 147535
Future targets
ISSM University, Trinity Bivalacqua, 147536
Neuromodulatory Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction
ISSM University, Arthur Burnett II, 147537
Vacuum Therapy for Erectile Dysfuncition
ISSM University, Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, 147538
Low energy shockwaves for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
ISSM University, Ilan Gruenwald, 147539
Practical aspects of vaginal vibrators and dilators
ISSM University, Annamaria Giraldi, 147540
Sexual Devices: clitoral stimulator, dilators and vibrators
ISSM University, Michael Krychman, 147541
Counterfeit PDE5 inhibitors pose significant safety concerns
ISSM University, Wayne Hellstrom, 147542
Updates in Women?s sexual medicine
ISSM University, Shari Goldfarb, 147543
ISSM University, Ege Can Serefoglu, 147544
Erectile dysfunction
ISSM University, Landon Trost, 147545
ISSM University, Anthony J. Bella, 147546
Psychological aspects of sexual dysfunction
ISSM University, Tamara Melnik, 147547
Basic science
ISSM University, Ege Can Serefoglu, 147548
The ISSWSH 2015 consensus of terminology and classification of persistent vulvar pain
ISSM University, Andrew Goldstein, 164867
Female to male transsexual surgery - with emphasis on phalloplasty
ISSM University, Giulio Garaffa, 164868
The role of SERMs in the treatment of the hypogonadal male
ISSM University, Edward Kim, 164869
Peripherally acting agents, anything new?
ISSM University, Johan Van de Voorde, 164883
Translational processes and how to improve translation in sex medicine
ISSM University, Michael DiSanto, 164884
What is the evidence to support testosterone replacement in the aging male ...?. - The essential but tough issue in the aging society
ISSM University, Yoshikazu Sato, 164885
Depression and sexual dysfunction
ISSM University, Sandrine Atallah, 164899
Prevalence and risk factors for metabolic syndrome in Chinese male population
ISSM University, Yiqun Gu, 164900
Premature ejaculation - diagnosis and management
ISSM University, Emmanuele Jannini, 164915
For erectile dysfunction
ISSM University, Xin Chen, 164916
Office based assessment of FSD
ISSM University, Tami Rowen, 164931
Is there a link between testosterone replacement therapy and cardiovascular disease?
ISSM University, Geoff Hackett, 164932

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