Does basic science support a role for LI-ESWL as a treatment for ED?
ISSM University, François Giuliano, 164858
The post-marketing European experience
ISSM University, Maarten Albersen, 164860
Central nervous system regulation of normal sexual desire and pathophysiology of HSDD
ISSM University, James Pfaus, 164861
Patient experience with HSDD
ISSM University, Sue Goldstein, 164862
Diagnosis of HSDD and approved medications for treatment
ISSM University, Anita Clayton, 164863
Future HSDD treatments
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 164864
Sexual medicine in developing countries
ISSM University, Luca Incrocci, 164865
Peyronies Disease - Is intralesional injection therapy the new standard…?
ISSM University, Wayne Hellstrom, 164866
The ISSWSH 2015 consensus of terminology and classification of persistent vulvar pain
ISSM University, Andrew Goldstein, 164867
Female to male transsexual surgery - with emphasis on phalloplasty
ISSM University, Guilio Garaffa, 164868
The role of SERMs in the treatment of the hypogonadal male
ISSM University, Edward Kim, 164869
Chinese men's health & sexual medicine development
ISSM University, Hui Jiang, 164870
Cardiovascular risk in men taking testosterone
ISSM University, Geoff Hackett, 164871
Regenerative sexual medicine - Is the future bright …?
ISSM University, Tom Lue, 164872
A new era …? Flibanserin - From bench to bedside
ISSM University, Anita Clayton, 164873
LI-SWT for ED - A critical review of the data
ISSM University, Zhong Cheng Xin, 164874
New molecular pathways related to erectile function-dysfunction (other than NOS/NO/cGMP)
ISSM University, Arthur Burnett II, 164876
BPH and sexual dysfunction: What have we learned?
ISSM University, Bang-ping Jiann, 164877
Disease awareness of vaginal laxity - Impact of the condition and treatment options paradigm overview
ISSM University, Michael Krychman, 164878
Complication of vaginal surgery for prolapse and laxity
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 164879
Prevention and treatment of obstetric trauma
ISSM University, Tami Rowen, 164880
Historical overview: What compounds were stuck in translation?
ISSM University, Petter Hedlund, 164881
Centrally acting agents, what’s in the pipeline?
ISSM University, Michael Adams, 164882
Peripherally acting agents, anything new?
ISSM University, Johan Van de Voorde, 164883
Translational processes and how to improve translation in sex medicine
ISSM University, Michael DiSanto, 164884
What is the evidence to support testosterone replacement in the aging male ...?. - The essential but tough issue in the aging society
ISSM University, Yoshikazu Sato, 164885
Foreskin reconstruction
ISSM University, Nam Cheol Park, 164886
Genital piercing and tattoos
ISSM University, David Ralph, 164887
Sex before competition: Pro and cons
ISSM University, Samantha McGlone, 164888
Cycling is healthy, except for the penis: Perineal pressure-related sexual conditions
ISSM University, Emmanuel Weyne, 164889
Anabolic steroid use for the enhancement of sport prestations: dangers and consequences
ISSM University, Emmanuele Jannini, 164890
Epidemiology of sexual dysfunction in female cancer survivors
ISSM University, Andrew Goldstein, 164892
Strategies to counter medical school curricular indifference to sexual health
ISSM University, Eli Coleman, 164893
Emerging targets for the treatment of ED
ISSM University, Arthur Burnett II, 164894
The current role of vacuum erection devices for ED and Peyronies disease
ISSM University, Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, 164895
Vibrator stimulation: Is there a role for ED
ISSM University, Serge Carrier, 164896
New technology for BPH/LUST to avoid sexual side effects
ISSM University, Gregory Broderick, 164897
Sex is a good news for sex
ISSM University, Emmanuele Jannini, 164898
Depression and sexual dysfunction
ISSM University, Sandrine Atallah, 164899
Prevalence and risk factors for metabolic syndrome in Chinese male population
ISSM University, Yiqun Gu, 164900
The implications of sexual abuse in the adult sexual life
ISSM University, Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles, 164901
Relationship between chronic prostatitis and premature ejaculation
ISSM University, Sung Won Lee, 164902
Isolated male gonadotropin-releasing hormone deficiency - Progress in etiology and treatment
ISSM University, Jun Yang, 164903
Everything you need to know about priapism
ISSM University, Arthur Burnett II, 164904
Basic researches for Peyronie’s Disease: Animal models
ISSM University, Gerald Brock, 164905
The rise and rise of trans awareness in contemporary society: Changing attitudes towards gender self-determination and their implications for sexual medicine specialists
ISSM University, John Dean, 164906
What is the'role for phytotherapy in mens health …?
ISSM University, Sae Woong Kim, 164907
Basic science
ISSM University, Guiting Lin, 164908
Female sexual function and dysfunction
ISSM University, Kwangsung Park, 164909
Psychological aspects
ISSM University, Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles, 164910
ISSM University, Ronny Tan, 164911
Erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction
ISSM University, Landon Trost, 164912
How to conduct and interpret duplex Doppler ultrasonography in men with ED
ISSM University, Gerald Brock, 164913
Diagnostic imaging in the medical and surgical management of Peyronie’s disease
ISSM University, Gregory Broderick, 164914
Premature ejaculation - diagnosis and management
ISSM University, Emmanuele Jannini, 164915
For erectile dysfunction
ISSM University, Xin Chen, 164916
Interpersonal dynamics of genital pain
ISSM University, Marieke Dewitte, 164917
The approach to and the potential pitfalls of diagnosing testosterone deficiency
ISSM University, Amr El-Meliegy, 164918
The basics of clinical trial design in interventional sexual medicine
ISSM University, Gerald Brock, 164919
Evaluation of the infertile male
ISSM University, Sidney Glina, 164920
Talking to women about sex - how to take a sexual health history
ISSM University, Michael Krychman, 164921
Imaging in PD
ISSM University, Eric Chung, 164922
Diagnostic considerations in treating gender incongruence
ISSM University, Eli Coleman, 164923
Delayed ejaculation/anejaculation - diagnosis and management
ISSM University, Sung Won Lee, 164924
Retrograde ejaculation, dysejaculation, postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS)
ISSM University, Ege Can Serefoglu, 164925
Management of ED in the hypogonadal male
ISSM University, Doddy Soebadi, 164926
The role of testosterone in the regulation of sexual function
ISSM University, Luiz Otavio Torres, 164927
Teaching cultural competence in sexual medicine
ISSM University, Alan Shindel, 164928
ISSM University, Irwin Goldstein, 164929
GSM including pelvic floor hypertonus
ISSM University, Michael Krychman, 164930
Office based assessment of FSD
ISSM University, Tami Rowen, 164931
Is there a link between testosterone replacement therapy and cardiovascular disease?
ISSM University, Geoff Hackett, 164932
Testosterone replacement therapy and modifiable factors for Men’s health
ISSM University, Shinichi Hisasue, 164933
A practical model for sexual history-taking in men and women
ISSM University, John Dean, 164934
Clinical management of gender dysphoria and healthcare needs after transition: contemporary approaches and treatment outcomes
ISSM University, John Dean, 164935
Sexual rehabilitation in gynecologic oncology patients/women
ISSM University, Alessandra Graziottin, 164936
Treatment of gynecological cancer and its effects on sexual functioning
ISSM University, Luca Incrocci, 164937

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